Senza Solfiti 2021


What is “Senza Solfiti” of Fattoria dei Barbi? It is an excellent Sangiovese from Montalcino, vinified with the most advanced oenological competence and ideal for whom is intollerant to sulphites. It is made according with the protocol “without any added chemicals” by Pisa University, a reasearch project started in 2013. It is extremely Tuscan and peculiar, as if sulphites are added, the wine evolves in a different ways; neither better nor worse, just different. Is it the progenitor of a new Montalcinese tipicality? Only time will tell.

It all started in 2012, during a dinner shared by Stefano Cinelli Colombini, Professor Angela Zinnai and Professor Francesca Venturi from Pisa University. Conviviality among old friends leads to serious talks, thus the conversation focused on the wine’s future. For sure, the tendency is towards more healthiness, but also towards quality. Chemicals should be reduced or disappear, including sulphites, and you need tipicality otherwise there is no future. The “natural” wine maybe is an answer, or maybe not: refusing to control temperatures and to use technology, the climatic oddities make this approach discontinous and too expensive. What about trying something similar but with high technology? Afterwards the Professors worked with micro-vinification for a white wine in 2013, and Fattoria dei Barbi produced 10.000 of Sangiovese in 2014. We gave the grapes and the manual work, the University studied our results and other examples and synthesized everything in a registered patent coming from a spin off. We then waited years to see if the wine would last, as we don’t release a wine if it doesn’t keep for a long period. The Pandemic has further extended the times until we arrived at the 2021 harvest and to our “Senza Solfiti” 2021.

Every detail of “Senza Solfiti” has been looked after. We used only products permitted by organic protocols, that permitted to avoid any sort of microbiological contamination or risk of brettanomyces. In order not to generate sulphur dioxide during the fermentation we used specific selected yeasts. Every step of vinification has been done under CO2, and afterwards the wine has evolved in absence of oxygen. The wine had a cold stabilization and was bottled using natural organic corks, which are treated without any chemical. The “Senza Solfiti Aggiunti” of Fattoria dei Barbi is the result of a precise philosophy: the choice of using the best updated oenological technique, but without any added chemistry. We kept the maximum respect for the hygiene, the enviroment, the health of the consumer. We don’t know if it will be possible to extend this method to wines made for long ageing such as Brunello, but we are carrying on the experimentation and time will tell.

Grape: Sangiovese 100%
Vineyards: property of Fattoria dei Barbi, located in the district of Montalcino. Soil: with abundant skeletal marl, high percentage of shist. Altitude: 450 mt slm. Average Age: vineyard established in 1997. Orientation: South. Vine Training System: Cordone libero. Vine Stock per Hectar: 5.128. Yield per Hectar: 65 ql.

The Year 2021. The Winter was quite dry, with sparse rains. The Spring was more humid, with a late frost spread all over Italy. The estate of Fattoria dei Barbi is located in medium – high hill, therefore the vineyards were not affected much. The Summer was warm and dry. The combination of sparse rains and frost reduced the quantity of grapes, but – as often happens – it brought beneficial effects for the quality. The harvest took place from September 16th until October 1st.

Vinification and Ageing: we gave extreme attention to the sanity of the grapes, which were hand picked and immediately cooled with dry ice in order to stop any possible oxidation. The grapes, which went through a Pellec mechanical selector, thus removing leafs, branches, green or difected berries. The fermentation devolped in absence of oxygen inside Ganimede vats, with an automatic system of reassembly helped by CO2, first added and afterwards naturally developed. The bottling was done in March, again in total absence of oxygen and using special organic corks, treated to prevent Brettanomyces and other polluting substances, without any use of chemicals.

Chemical Analysis:Alcohol 14.15 % – pH 3.44 – Tot. Ac. 6.5 g/l – Vol. Ac. 0.42 g/l – Residual sugars < 0.20 g/l – Dry Extract 27.7 g/l – Free SO2 < 5 mg/l – Total SO2 < 10 mg/l.

Sensory Analysis Colour: brilliant and intense purple red.
Nose: fresh and clean. Fragrant waves of small red berries, black cherry and mature red grapes.
Taste: fleshy and plumpy, the fruity aspect fills the mouth together with a lovely and balsamic acidity.

Pairing Ideal served slightly cool, is a wine that matches a whole meal, especially successful with fresh cheeses, charcuterie, grilled vegetables Serving Temperature: Serve at a temperature of 18° C.

Capacity of Ageing: 4-5 years. Conservation and Storage: keep the bottles horizontally in a dark place at a temperature of 12° – 14°C.

Format: Bordeaux style bottle, 0.75 Lt

Average Annual Quantity: 13.000 (0.75 Lt)

Enviromental Labeling