The productions of Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino are strictly limited, therefore, in order to satisfy our vocation of wine making, we planted in our estate vineyards with clones of Sangiovese not classified for DOCG Brunello or DOC Rosso di Montalcino.
From these vineyards we produce Rosso dei Barbi, a fresh and immediate wine, captivating and unfussy, which keeps within its simplicity the style of Fattoria dei Barbi.

Grape Sangiovese 80-90% – Red grape varietals 10-20%.

Vineyards Property of Fattoria dei Barbi, located in the District of Montalcino and in Aquilaia dei Barbi, located in the district of Scansano.

Vinification The alcoholic fermentation with the skins lasts 10 days under a controlled temperature of 28°C.
 Ageing: in stainless steel vats

Sensory analysis Colour:brilliant ruby red.
Bouquet: fruity aromas of cherry, spicy and floral.
Taste: the taste is fresh, lively with a light touch of tannins. Pleasant persistency.

Pairing Ideal with cured meats and first courses, pizza and savoury pies, white meats and light sauces.

Serving Temperature 16-18°C.

Capacity of ageing 2 years.

Conservation and Storage Keep the bottle horizontally in a dark place at a temperature of 12°-14°C.