This red wine is produced since 1892 and was awarded many times for its quality. This wine is the “heart” of our production and it is made with 100% Sangiovese grapes from our best vineyards in Montalcino.

Grapes Sangiovese 100%.

Vineyards Property of Fattoria dei Barbi, located in the district of Montalcino and registered for Brunello di Montalcino production. Soil: marl, alberese limestone. Altitude: 300-500 mt slm. Average Age: 15 – 20 years. Orientation: South. Vine Training System: Cortina semplice. Vine Stock per Hectar: 5.000. Yield per Hectar: 65 ql.

The Year 2013 After a humid and rainy Winter, with mild temperatures, the Spring mantained more or less the same climatic characteristics, but with warmer temperatures. This helped the growth of the vines. The first part of the Summer was fresher and more humid than usual. In the second part, the weather was drier and warmer, more suitable for the season. The warm weather continued in the early Autumn, with occasional rains which refreshed the environment. The cooler nights made easier for the vines to carry on the process of maturation with the right balance. The harvest took place from the 6th to the 14th of October.

Vinification Before the fermentation the grapes were subjected to a cold pre-fermentative maceration which consists in cooling the grapes at a temperature of 16° C in an environment protected by CO2. This process increases the extraction of polyphenols and aroma compounds. The regular alcoholic fermentation followed and lasted 16/17 days at a controlled temperature of 27°-28°C. After the racking and the malolactic fermentation the wine aged in small-medium size oak barrels (2,25 – 15 hl) for the first months. Later it completed the aging in larger oak barrels, for a total period of two years and then is bottled at least 4 months before the release.

Chemical analysis Alcohol 14,5 % – Tot. Ac. 5.8 g/l – Vol. Ac. 0.41 g/l – Free SO2 13 mg/l – Residual sugars (glucose + fructose) 0.5 g/l – Dry extract 29 g/l.

Sensory analysis Colour: brillant and intense ruby red. Bouquet: the aromas of fresh red fruits, cherry, strawberry tree are well integrated and harmonized with spicy notes of star anise, tobacco, wild fennel. Taste: elegant and well balanced. The good acidity and flavor give pleasant persistency and long tasting. The after hints of fruit harmonize with the mineral notes.

Food Combination Perfect for important dishes, roasted or grilled red meats, game, venison, stewed wild boar. Excellent with mature cheeses.

Serving Temperature 18°C.

Capacity of Ageing 15-50 years.

Conservation and Storage Keep the bottle horizontally in a dark place at a temperature of 12°-14°C.