Dry red wine, 100% Sangiovese grapes. This Riserva of Brunello is made with a special selection of grapes collected from our best vineyards in Montalcino. The ageing in barrel and in bottle is longer than the one for a regular Brunello, thus the wine has a deeper concentration and a wider complexity of aromas.

Grapes Sangiovese 100%.

Vineyards Property of Fattoria dei Barbi, located in the district of Montalcino and registered for Brunello di Montalcino production. Soil: marl. Altitude: 400 mt slm. Average age: grape vines planted between 1975 and 2017. Orientation: South East. Vine Training System: Cordone libero. Vine Stock per hectar: 5.000. Yeld per hectar: 60 ql.

The Year 2016 The Spring was very rainy and the groundwater resources were well refilled. The Summer was temperate, while the autumn was very warm during the day and cool at night. This made the phenolic maturation perfect and made the grapes very rich in acidity, colour and perfumes. The Brunello Riserva 2016 has direct, fragrant and straightforward aromas and powerful freshness, which grants a long ageing. The colour is intense and lively. The low temperatures helped avoid concentration and an excessively high alcoholic content.
The harvest started on September 20th and ended on October 9th.

Vinification Before the fermentation the grapes were subjected to a cold pre-fermentative maceration which consists in cooling the grapes at a temperature of 16°C in an environment protected by CO2. This process increases the extraction of polyphenols and aroma compounds. The regular alcoholic fermentation followed and lasted 16/17 days at a controlled temperature of 27°-28°C. After the racking and the malolactic fermentation the wine aged in small-medium size oak barrels (2,25 – 15 hl) for the first months. Later it completed the aging in larger oak barrels, for a total period of three years and then is bottled at least 6 months before the release.

Chemical Analysis Alcohol 14.38 % – Tot. Ac. 5.7 g/l – Vol. Ac. 0.47 g/l – Residual sugars < 0.6 g/l – Dry Extract 30.1 g/l – SO2 23/104.

Sensory Analysis Colour: brilliant ruby red, very intense. Bouquet: ripe red and dark fruits (strawberry, blackberry, black currant). Black pepper, nutmeg, helychrisum, wild herbs. Black tobacco in the background. Taste: great structure and complexity. Long and straight sip, austere and elegant.

Food Combinations Wine for important occasions, matches roast or braised meat, game and mature cheeses.

Serving Temperature Serve at a temperature of 18°C.

Capacity of ageing 20-80 years.

Conservation and storage Keep the bottle horizontally in a dark place at a temperature of 12°-14°C.

Issue: November 10, 2022
Score: 2 Wine of 2022 Top 10

Though vibrant and expressing cherry, currant, herb and mineral flavors, this is tannic and locked up for now. Leans to the elegant side, with a dense layer of dusty tannins guarding the finish. Be patient. Best from 2026 through 2043. 3,000 cases made, 2,094 cases imported.

Bruce Sanderson

Issue: June 30, 2022
Score: 95/100

Though vibrant and expressing cherry, currant, herb and mineral flavors, this is tannic and locked up for now. Leans to the elegant side, with a dense layer of dusty tannins guarding the finish. Be patient. Best from 2026 through 2043. 3,000 cases made, 2,094 cases imported.

Bruce Sanderson

Issue: November 4, 2021
Score: 94/100

Sweet berries and flowers with sandalwood and citrus-rind undertones. Enticing. Medium-bodied with polished and very refined tannins that caress the palate. It’s long and beautiful. Really delicious now, but even better in 2023.

James Suckling

Issue: February 17, 2022
Score: 95+/100

Fattoria dei Barbi is one of the historic, grandfather estates of the appellation, and this important point comes to mind every time I have the honor of reviewing their new releases. The wines always show a distinctly traditional side that is just part of this estate’s DNA, and I’d like to think that this defining characteristic would not change even if a concerted effort was made to do so. Territory speaks loud in the 2016 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva. The wine offers purity and deep layering with alternating tones of dried cherry, dark spice, cola, and crushed flowers. Only 4,000 bottles were made.

Monica Larner

Issue: January 12, 2022
Score: 15.5/20

Maturing ruby with orange rim. A little dusty and with hints of iron but otherwise closed. Mellow, round ripe fruit without any edges and completely ready now. Drink 2022-2028.

Walter Speller

Issue: June 7, 2022
Score: 93

Typical Italian style: firm tannin, fresh acidity, and mature cherry fruits. Shows appealing mineral and earthy characters.





Issue: January 14, 2022
Score: 95/100

The question is increasingly asked whether 2015 or 2016 is the true Riserva vintage, of the two. Assessing Barbi’s at this early stage does not answer the question straight away but there are some clues. The mineral swath that owes to iron, volcanic and sedimentary Galestro presence really does dominate the aromatics on what is again a could be nothing but a Fattoria dei Barbi sangiovese. Dark cherries that swim, bob perhaps but never over-macerate in their own sweet juices is the hallmark notation of this vineyard’s aromatic pool. Fine tannins are tight but not overtly demanding, acids stream freely and easy, supportive but not in authoritative control. A bit closed (or let’s say contained) to be honest and the warming finish indicates the need for a few years more time. As opposed to 2015 which was necessary and now here a ’16 that might remind of Brunello from the 1970s. Drink 2025-2033. Tasted November 2021.

Michael Godel

Issue: March 3, 2022
Score: 95/100

Bright ruby red in colour. Ripe red fruit of cherry and berry interplay with rose floral aromatics. Liquorice and eastern spice play their part. A wine of impact: it saturates the palate. Has plenty of poise and polish.

Tony Wood

Issue: March, 2022
Score: 17.5/20

Nase nach roten Beeren, sanft unterfüttert mit Blütenaromen; im Mund kompakt, besitzt gut eingebundene Tannine und Säure, der Abgang angenehm würzig und lang. Klassisch | 2024 bis 2030.

Christian Eder

Issue: March 4, 2022
Score: 93 ♥

Leicht nussiger und teeriger Duft nach reifen roten und schwarzen Beeren mit tabakigen Aromen, angedeutet Trockenkräutern und einer Spur Eisen. Klare, geschliffene, fest gewirkte, herbe Frucht, präsentes, feines Tannin, nussige und tabakige Holzaromen, nachhaltig am Gaumen, fester Bau, hat trotz seiner Kraft gewisse Kühle und einen beinahe schlank wirkenden, fokussierten Körper, getrocknet-kräuterige Nuancen im Hintergrund, gewisse Mineralik, gute Tiefe, sehr guter, fester Abgang mit herbem, klarem Saft und feiner Würze. Herber Klassiker mit reichlich innerer Spannung. Trinkempfehlung: 2024-2035+. Zuletzt bewertet: 4. März 2022

Issue: December 27, 2021

Brunello di Montalcino  Riserva DOCG 2016빈티지 알싸한 바다내음, 바이올렛 향기에  우아한 유칼립투스, 정향, 체리향이 어우러진다. 경쾌한 산미,  매끈한 알코올이  멋진 밸런스를  이룬다. 전체적으로 구조가 잘 잡혀있어 완성도가  높다.  Traduzione | Si armonizzano il delicato profumo di mare, viola, e gli eleganti sentori di eucalipto, chiodi di garofano e ciliegia. L’acidità leggera e l’alcol morbido creano un meraviglioso equilibrio. La struttura complessiva è ben tenuta e il grado di completamento è elevato.

Baek Nanyoung

Issue: December 31, 2021
Score: Coups de cœur | Top 20 Vins



Issue: December 2021

Deep garnet core with ruby tinge. Intense bouquet of black cherry and prune with a note of rhubarb. Good structure with medium-plus acidity, medium alcohol and leather overtones. Soft tannins, well integrated with the fruit. Great wine.

Filippo Magnani

Issue: December 17, 2021
Score: ♥♥♥♥