What is Bianco dei Barbi
Our white wine is made mainly of Trebbiano, one of Tuscany’s most traditional grapes, blended with a touch of Chradonnay. The result is a wine with “a strong temper”, made more gentle by very elegant aromas. Its name is a tribute to an ancestor of the family, Giovanni Colombini (1304-1367), a very powerful banker who abandoned his wealthy life in order to give it over to poor people.

Sensory analysis
Brilliant straw-yellow colour. Perfumes are well defined, sharp, frank with fruity and flowery aromas and notes of apple. In mouth it is dry, fine, delicate, pleasant and decided. It ends with a very pleasant fruity taste, harmoniously connected to the bouquet.

Serving suggestion
It is an everyday wine, great with shellfishes, fish, eggs, savoury pies, white meat and fresh cheese. Serving at a temperature of 10°C.

Capacity of ageing
Keep the bottles at a temperature of 12°-14°C.

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