The Chianti Classico is the Tuscan wine with the oldest regulation. In 1796 the Grand Duke of Tuscany issued an edict which limited the area of production. Many things have changed today, but the austere character and the class of this wine not just remain but have increased.

Grape Sangiovese 80% – Cabernet and Merlot 20%.

Vinification and Ageing Traditionally made with a medium term alcoholic maceration, immediately followed by the malolactic one. Ageing: in large Slavonian oak barrels.

Sensory analysis Colour: intense red ruby colour.
Bouquet: important fruity aromas of sour cherry, balsamic hues and spicy notes.
Taste: large structure in the mouth with a good acidic presence, the perfect balance of the warmth of alcohol and the sweet touch of fine tannins give a special softness to the taste.

Pairing Game, roasted red meat.

Serving Temperature 18°C.

Capacity of Ageing 3-5 years.

Conservation and Storage Keep the bottle horizontally in a dark place at a temperature of 12°-14°C.